RAM – Rebel Art Management is a company focussing on the needs of artists and their projects. Freshly founded in August 2019 RAM sees itself as a medium in between the protagonists of the art market but concentrates more on the tasks which artists are confronted with. In the current times of decreasing numbers of small and mid-size galleries and alternative exhibition opportunities the focus shifts back to the artist studios. Here a management is need which engages with the expectations the market demands: project organisation, networking, social media, applications with the idea to offer a strong support network which can react spontaneously to individual situations. Temporary or long-term projects, national or international exhibition organisation, text production or other smaller tasks are a part of the portfolio of RAM who seeks to be as flexible as possible regarding the needs of artists.

past project

THE show of the Gallery Weakend

26 – 28 April 2019
Alte Münze, Keller Haus 3