1551 – Artist Residency Tallinn Berlin

1551 Artist Residency Tallinn Berlin

The main question we should ask regarding a residency program between Tallinn and Berlin is why it doesn‘t already exist? The two hubs of extraordinarily relevant artistic production have a long and complex shared history, that offer not just innovation but also perspective for the contemporary scene by mirroring each other‘s potentials for a dialogue and exchange. Berlin definitely comes with an art landscape that extends from independent project spaces to highly successful commercial galleries and institutions, still offers artists a relatively affordable life but struggles deeply with the rapid dynamic of gentrification and displacement. These developments have established a predefined path of fulfilling artistic success but at the same time carry a lack of perspective leading to exhaustion and missing sustainability. The fresh and salty wind is coming from the Western Sea (Estonian perspective) bringing a critical and piercing honesty. But post soviet times and a still evolving art market need additional impulses from the outside to shape a scene characterized by diversity. 1551 kilometers extend between these highly dynamic art centers where the urge of liberation from existing structures is perceptible and leads to an uprising strength which embraces the responsibility of shaping the scene. The main aim lies in connecting these potentials in a sustainable manner, with a program that offers not just the time spent in the other city but also a follow-up project presenting the results in the context of the residency. Artist talks and networking, guided tours through the studios and a focus on the artists needs contributing to independency and confidence for establishing an individual artistic career.

The annual program of the residency exchange project in 2020 is divided into four blocks: For each exchange, two in both directions, one or two artists will change their location of creative production for minimum three to maximum eight weeks to Tallinn or Berlin. At the end of each residency an exhibition project developed closely with the artists will take place and provide audience and visibility. A website and a social media presentation reflect in advance, parallel and retrospectively on the outcomes and provide an insight to the production and projects.

The first residency will take place in March and April 2021 with the artists Marko Mäetamm and Alexei Gordin. For the following exchanges in 2021 and onward an open call will be published. The participants will be selected by the cooperation partners consisting of one juror coming from each the Estonian Embassy in Berlin and RAM – Rebel Art Management.